Redshift versus Snowflake

The major touch points that we will be going over to inform you whether Snowflake or Redshift is a better data warehouse for your business is based on three categories security, performance, pricing needs. Snowflake vs. Redshift How do these two cloud data warehouse compare to one another. Redshift: Deep discounts when your commitment is […]

Benefits of DG

Benefits of Data Governance

There are many benefits of Data Governance and I believe it is a requirement in todays business world not just a nice to have. I have been asked by business owners as well as C Level executives can they afford to implement Data Governance in their business? My response back to them is can you […]

5 Levels of Mindful Data Governance Initiative

The Mindful Data Governance Levels

Quick Overview of Mindful Data Governance: In my previous blog I went over why I decided to create Mindful Data Governance and the meaning. Now I would like to go over the different levels of Mindful Data Governance as well as the first step. Within Mindful Data Governance the first thing a business would do […]

Mindful Data Governance Initiative

Mindful Data Governance Initiative

Before I go into what Mindful Data Governance Initiative is, I do what to say that I truly believe that every business out there can get real value from implementing Data Governance. If Data Governance is not on the roadmap for your business to implement I would seriously start thinking on how you could get […]

Self Service BI needs Data Governance

Self Service BI I think is very important for businesses to implement and can greatly increase productivity of a business as a whole. Let me give you what I think Self Service BI. Self Service BI allows employees to conduct their daily analytics work with little to no IT intervention which increases productivity and gets […]

Data Governance 4 Your Business

What is Data Governance? Data governance refers to the overall management of the availability, usability, integrity, and security of the data deployed in your business. A healthy data governance program includes a governing group, a defined set of procedures (that are repeatable), and a well-designed plan to execute those procedures (documented). I always think of […]