Silos of Data

What are silos of data? I define silos of data as points of data that have been collected and being stored in many locations that could bring value to your business. Many times these silos of data store similar to identical information. Usually these systems are considered transactional systems that employees and/or customers are entering data into every single day. These transactional systems typically have different databases that are storing data related to your business and can be hosted on and off premise. Other silos of data that you will need to consider are spreadsheets, word documents, text files that are being maintained by employees on their personal computers. Employees (which includes everyone from the CEO down) are most likely storing data that could be important to the business. Identifying and coming up with a solution to collect all that data will not only help give you the big picture of the business but also protect one of the businesses greatest assets their data.

I would like you to think about not only where all the silos of data are and how valuable it would be once connected but also be thinking about how that data is being protected and who else is viewing that data (if that does not keep you up at night, I do not know what will).

I typically tell my clients, ask yourself two questions every time you walk out your business doors. Is the data on my laptop important to the business and/or sensitive in nature? If it is, how is that data being protected on my laptop? This is an area were I think a lot of businesses fall short and not only do they not have policies in place but do not even think of this situation. I have seen so many times employees storing sensitive information on their laptops, walk out their companies doors without even considering the security and responsibility that they should have in protecting that data.

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