To implement Mindful Data Governance and have it become part of your business’s culture, the mindset of everyone in the business must believe that the data that your business is collecting is not just an asset but a strategic asset. Changing this mindset I think is extremely important and making sure the entire business understands and believes in the importance of collecting high quality data. Collecting poor quality data effects so many things within the business such as financial decisions being made by the business, marketing messages going out to customers, and which products or services are performing well and the ones that are not. These are just a very small sample of areas that will be effected by poor data quality, remember GARBAGE IN, GARBAGE OUT.

A huge reason Data Governance should be part of your business culture is because the strategic data that is being collected does not format itself and cannot automatically identify where it is at. To satisfy the four major reasons of data governance availability, usability, integrity, and security the business must think of it’s data as a strategic asset and that way of thinking will have a huge impact not only on the success of implementing of your Mindful Data Governance Initiative but sustaining the data governance as it becomes part of your business culture. Data Governance is never finished because new sources, uses, and regulations about data are never finished. With self service bi getting more and more popular within businesses, the important of data governance as being part of your business culture will ensure users of self service BI will see the right data in the right way, to generate business insights correctly and make sound business decisions.

Remember data is a strategic asset and thinking this way the idea of data governance becomes natural.

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